Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp. has announced its partnership with Polymath, a leading security token issuance platform, as its blockchain technology platform partner. Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp. is a private real estate holding company, combining traditional securities and blockchain to diversify investment opportunities for accredited investors.

Aim of the Partnership 

The partnership with Polymath has the transformative ability to tokenize real-world assets and give investors incredible returns. The firm aims to build a more liquid model for residential real estate investments, create high tenant value properties, and reduce environmental impact through use of technology. ARCH specializes in digitization of tangible assets and fractional ownership creation. It further provides investment banking services, support and counsel in all stages of a STO.

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ARCH states to choose Polymath as its technology partner because of ease of use of the platform and their willingness to work with ARCH’s team for further developing crucial investor related components which include distribution module and incorporating features within the platform that many other platforms on the market do not have. ARCH is building a company that meets the needs of communities, adding solar power to its properties, and ensuring the properties can withstand any natural or market driven issues, creating long-term value for investors and tenants.

Key Comment

Chris Housser, Co-Founder of Polymath stated “Polymath is proud to be the chosen technology partner for Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp. to provide the technology layer for the Arch real estate investment opportunity. This project aims to use blockchain technology in a traditionally proven market to provide access to offerings on a global scale.”

For more info visit: Arch Real Estate | Polymath

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