BlockState, is a Switzerland based tokenization and digital fundraising platform. Its modular infrastructure reduces operational costs and streamlines processes for financial institutions, by providing a technological and legal bridge between blockchain technology and financial markets.

Streetlife Internation STO

The first STO on their platform is for equity in Streetlife International that is described as the “No.1 European independent music, lifestyle, and events promoter in R&B and Hip-Hop.” The security token offering is expected to go live in the second half of 2019. BlockState states that the offering will be “first for European non-crypto/Blockchain-related companies working with an STO platform like BlockState to realize their fundraising goals.”Streetlife Int. acts on various levels as a competent, service-oriented placement agency between artist and organizer, both in Germany and throughout Europe.

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At a Glance: Reportedly Blockstate will tokenize and issue its own company equity to investors globally at some point in 2019.

BlockState Platform

The BlockState platform provides the technological backbone, legal framework and a strong partner network to cater to any individual issuance needs and bring a particular STO live within 10-12 weeks. It facilitates tokenisation for a range of asset classes from equities, real estate, debt to any other unbankable asset like commodities, art and more.

Blockstate security token

Key Comment

Paul Claudius, founder and CEO at BlockState says the STO on his platform is an important milestone for his company: “We will be announcing further clients from diverse geographies and asset classes very soon, including bond and real estate tokenizations for issuers from all over the globe. This is not only an important turning point for BlockState, but it shows the significance of tokenization for the fundraising market beyond the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.”

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