Darico, a Dubai based crypto firm and has launched a new product that focuses on the tokenization of real-world assets, such as property, art and commodities — a venture it believes will transform the way the world invests, trades and transfers value.

Darico is a fully integrated ecosystem of multiple products that enables users to Monitor, Trade, Invest, & Spend with confidence and ease in the crypto economy. DGTO is Darico’s newest product which enables investors and companies worldwide to retain benefits from the upcoming financial transformation.

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How DGTO Works

With the use DGTO, the firm is aiming to establish itself as a major player in the tokenized real estate market, having acquired 30 apartments and 15 villas which are worth approximately $20 million USD. DGTO offers the following services to business owners, developers, entrepreneurs, and more:

  • All the tools needed to tokenize assets into Security Tokens (legal, technical, marketing, sales, HR, etc.). The tokenized assets remain fully compliant across jurisdictions and not currently offered on other tokenization platforms.
  • Immutability, transparency, and security by strategically utilizing the blockchain technology.
  • A web-based platform enabling investors around the world to participate in Security Token Offerings (STOs). This will further open up a whole new world of possibilities of ownership, such as investing in a fraction of an apartment. Investors will also have access to the details they need to make a calculated decision on the investment.

Lastly, Darico’s team will leverage the other products which they have developed under their banner to allow seamless integration between the Wallet (Gnius), Terminal (Nyus), Index Fund (Chawk), Debit Card (DePay), and most importantly Exchange (DAREX), allowing these Security Tokens to be traded on a secondary market and providing high liquidity and effortless trading.

Through DGTO, the firm aims to increase the liquidity seen in the global real estate market. The company says it is currently undergoing negotiations with some of the biggest players in the UAE real estate market, as well as some significant infrastructure projects.

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