Extauri, the first fully regulatory compliant European exchange combining cryptocurrency and traditional assets has announced that they are accepting applications from parties which have successfully completed Security Token Offerings (STO’s).

This announcement comes out as a a great opportunity for security token providers as the exchange comprises of all the tools and technologies which can be used to overcome the challenges of the market. Extauri is set to launch the platform later in the year by starting its own token sale for TAURI in the first quarter of 2019. The funding generated will be used to support growth of one of the most innovative and robust, fully compliant market ecosystems in the Europe.

Details of Platform 

Extauri is seeking those with successfully completed STO’s who are also looking for a suitable trading platform. In the future, Extauri will also open its exchange to those who wish to issue new STO’s. The platform offers full services to those who have completed  their STO’s in order to support their trading within a fully legal exchange ecosystem, complete with a Fiat Gateway for direct investments.

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Extauri offers a mix of technological achievement and compliance combined with the strict European trading and security laws. Extauri relies on its in house developer team instead of relying on third parties and pre-made solution which gives them more control. A key component of their platform is the My Admin wallet, where the user controls the private key, and Extauri only processes the transaction, which results in – no danger of leaking data to third parties.

Extauri has plans to acquire a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) license, which will allow other exchanges to trade securities on a specially created Meta exchange.

Comments from Team Members

Tino Cabero, CEO & Co-Founder said “Security of cryptocurrency, token value, and investment are our key principles. Existing platforms are largely outside banking regulations and lack transparency. We handle the legal and technical side of things, so you don’t have to.”

Domenik Gerapetritis, CBDO & Co-Founder added “The main issue in the existing market is that you have security tokens, but they can’t be traded on a public exchange. Token security is very important to the viability of future finance projects seeking alternatives to bank financing. This is possible with Extauri due to our secure model and licensing.”

Visit extauri.com to find more information.

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