FACTOR-805 has introduced to the world a first-of-its-kind investment opportunity and is set to be the first real-world asset that can be tokenized and have distributions paid in both Dai or fiat.

DAI, one of the most popular stablecoins on Ethereum network and is finally announcing itself to the security token market. Dai has the potential to remove banks as transfer intermediaries by enabling investors to be paid seamlessly through the Ethereum network. Such, automated interest payment will help streamline the back end of the transactions, which are typically very slow and costly.

It is quite often said that the security token sector will have a huge first impact on the real estate industry. FACTOR-805 is going to be groundbreaking because it will integrate Dai, the decentralized stablecoin from MakerDAO, into the several parts of their security token process.


Stablecoins bridge existing financial and crypto markets by utilizing the same reference pricing, empowering users to remain in the digital sphere while allowing real-world assets to come online. Notably, they have some of the key benefits of both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins have the stability of the asset or currency to which it is linked such as the US Dollar. They also have several functions of cryptocurrencies like fast and trustless settlement, frictionless transfer, and use of blockchain technology.


  • It is a new, almost near to completion 37-unit residential condominium building with retail space at 805 Washington Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, situated two blocks from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
  • Investors have the option to purchase and receive payment in Dai or fiat, and also have the option to switch between the two.
  • Current 12.49% (LIBOR + 10.00%) coupon producing 13.24% yield to expected maturity, payable monthly.
  • Experienced repeat borrower with demonstrated experience in successfully building and selling out residential condominium projects in Brooklyn and Harlem
  • There is set to be a 13 month maturity with the expectation that the first six month extension option will be exercised by the borrower
  • High demand and rapidly developing neighbourhood attributable to its central location, convenient public transportation access, and moderate unit sale prices compared to more developed neighbourhoods like Williamsburg and Park Slope


The firm is now accepting allocation requests. To learn more about FACTOR-805 and register, visit www.propellr.com

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