RISE, a fintech firm and solutions provider for implementation of trading strategies based on machine learning and artificial intelligence has partnered with Securitize, a leading platform for issuance and management of digital securities. Notably, some of the renowned names in the industry such as Coinbase, Ripple and OKEX – have invested in Securitize.

Aim of the Partnership

As part of the partnership, Securitize will enable the onboarding of investors as well as the issuance of tokens in the STO of RISE Wealth Technologies. Issuing the tokens through an independent and specialized partner provides the highest level of technical security for the token buyers. At the same time, Securitize covers the criteria of the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) rules both for the initial sales and for each resale. This guarantees that the acquirer is known and identified. Further, it ensures that tokens cannot, fraudulently, be sold in countries where cryptocurrencies are prohibited or used for money laundering.   

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The firm is aiming to raise $120 million and funds will be used to invest into technology and to expand the business aggressively across multiple geographies. The RSE token pays out quarterly dividends from all profits  that RISE generates. It allows regular investors to benefit from the massive potential and wealth generation of the unparalleled shift towards AI-powered investment management. RSE token holders are entitled to a $0.04 annual payback per token for 25 years up to a full repayment of $1.00 / token.

rise stoFor more information regarding RISE STO, visit Investor Deck

Key Comment

Stefan Tittel, CEO and co-founder of RISE stated “The success of a security token offering crucially depends on technological security and credibility. For this reason, we place great value on maintaining the highest-possible technological standards for our tokens and are pleased to have gained such a strong partner for this purpose”.

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Source: Blockchain Wire