Globex, a leading blockchain software solutions company has announced the launch of its digital securities exchange software, Open order Book, to power the order-driven marketplaces with best bids & offers displayed on Ethereum public blockchain in real time.

Notably, the software comes paired with a white-label retail trading app which allows investors of all levels to buy, sell, and instantly settle digital assets directly just from their smartphone.

About Software – Open Order Book 

Open Order Book is seamlessly designed to look and feel like a traditional public stock exchange, with Ethereum smart contracts discretely built-in to ensure transparency, prevent market manipulation, and enforce investor protections. Reportedly, there are no market makers, no volume-discounts that promote fake trades, no hidden order types, and no “prop trading” by any of Globex’s regulated exchange operators.

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Globex CEO Brian Collins stated We believe the Open Order Book has the ability to usher in a new wave of quality issuers while leveling the playing field for investors to benefit from liquidity that global network of transparent, accessible, regulated trading venues will offer.”

Open Order Book’s on-chain trading solution offers digital security trading pairs quoted, traded, and immediately settled against the exchanges’ deposits of fiat currency. This ensures an issuer’s stock is not pegged to cryptocurrency volatility while also providing investors with a liquid on-ramp and off-ramp for their profits.

Globex in the News

  • Earlier in August 2019, Globex announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Finance & Corporate Governance to make Antigua global center of excellence for digital securities issuance and secondary trading.
  • Also, in June 2019, the firm launched KYCware, a one of its kind advanced KYC software solution built on the Ethereum blockchain to help digital securities issuers streamline the onboarding and identity verification process for investors globally.

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