Token Sale Ongoing : August 27, 2018

GrapheneTech will be the first company to manufacture graphene on an industrial scale and is set to revolutionize the graphene market by introducing its own graphene based cryptocurrency "77G." The 77G token is a security token to support and benefit from the upcoming revolution the GrapheneTech will bring in the graphene industry.

  • Token Name = 77G
  • Token Symbol = 77G
  • Asset Class = Stock
  • Issuance Platform = Securitize
  • Minimum Investment = $1,000
  • Maximum Investment = $130,000,000
  • Country of Issuance = Netherlands

  • Blockchain = Ethereum
  • Token Standard = 77G
  • Regulation Authority Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Regulations = Regulation D (506b, 506c), Regulation CF, Regulation S,
  • Token Owner Rights = Dividends & Profit Share Right
  • Buying Requirements = KYC & AML

Raul Molina
Founder and Co-CEO
Ernesto Kruger
Ismael Santiago
Ricardo Solorzano
Fabien Dubas
Ricardo Rodriguez
FSPA Board Member
Rod Turner
Founder - Manhattan Street Capital
Peter Kloppers
Director General Press Services BV
Joaquin Lopez Lerida
CEO - Kolokium
Mike Horsten
Business Manager at HP