Healthereum LLC has created the patient mobile application dubbed as “Healthereum Life Portfolio”, or HELIO, and notably, the beta version is ready for use on Android and iOS devices. In short it is an application that allows patients to ‘Promise to Show’ for an appointment, complete healthcare surveys after the visit, receive task messages from their doctors, and review their treatment etc.

HLTH Security Token

HLTH Tokens will represent a single HLTH Non-Voting Unit, with rights, preferences, privileges, and restrictions as designated in the Operating Agreement and attached as an Exhibit to the Offering Document. The Tokens will be issued on the ERC20 Blockchain. The price of investing is $0.10/HLTH Non-Voting Unit, deliverable in the form of tokens Healthereum Tokens.

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Healthereum Ecosystem

Healthereum addresses the four critical cost aspects of a full-cycle encounter: adherence to appointments, acquisition of survey data, claims verification, and ongoing diagnostic patient messaging. Healthereum has created a Patient Engagement Management platform using a four-part interactive application scheme:

MIDUSO: It captures all patient-provider encounters and further helps to modify patient behavior through the issuing of HEALTH tokens whenever a patient exhibits a healthy behavior. Such as, showing up to a scheduled appointment will  be incentivized etc. MIDUSO analytics will map patterns of healthy living beyond the hospital.

PULSE: It will allow patients to create a rating system of providers and hospitals. The rating system will be a tool for patients to use to find the best doctor in their community. PULSE provides a robust and relevant quality questionnaire system whereby patients can rate the care they have received from their medical care providers.

Hospital and Provider Enhancement: HPED will capture patient diagnoses with encounters and allow for deployment of patient-centric messages to aid providers in delivering value-based treatment algorithms. It will become an integral tool for hospitals and providers to engage with their patients. Patients will receive health alerts like reminders for screening exams and tasks such as medication routine or quitting tobacco.

VERIFY: This allows patients to confirm health services that are billed are actually true and accurate. VERIFY will encourage patients to take an active role in medical billing and take a proactive role in helping insurers and providers eliminate fraud.

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Other Developments in Healthcare Industry

Previously in early February 2019, Agenus Inc, a biotech developer firm that develops immune modulating antibodies, cancer vaccines, adjuvants and adoptive cell therapies has announced the launch of its upcoming security token offering for Biotech Electronic Security Token (BEST). This was the first security token offering in healthcare sector.

Just a few weeks back in mid March 2019, Verseon, a proprietary drug discovery platform launched its security token offering (STO) with an aim to set a new standard for the 21st century public offering to a globally connected investor base.

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