IdentityMind, digital identities you can trust, has partnered with Tokeny’s investorID, a decentralized application which allows investors to generate their on-chain identity to access and trade compliant tokenized securities.

IdentityMind pioneered the creation of Trusted Digital Identities (TDI) and electronic DNA (eDNA) to review 50+ attributes, allowing visibility into who’s trustworthy and who presents risk. Their platform builds, maintains and analyzes digital identities worldwide to make you risk and compliance-ready. In simple words, their patented digital identity technology identifies good guys you want to work with and bad guys you want to avoid in real time.

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Aim of the Partnership 

This partnership enables Security Token Offering (STO) issued using the T-REX (Token for Regulated EXchanges) Ethereum standard to have access to IdentityMind’s compliance and risk management capabilities. This agreement helps ensure that Tokeny’s customers have access to IdentityMind’s KYC and AML capabilities to validate investor participation and transfer this data into investorID. Investors can use this application to create their on-chain identity, keep complete control of their personal data, whilst ensuring issuers are acting in full compliance.

“This partnership reflects the growing ecosystem of investorID, a not-for-profit application which Tokeny recently launched. The top providers of KYC and AML information are joining one by one to give the tokenized securities issuers the best choices available in the market. By joining the investorID ecosystem, these identity providers have the opportunity to work with issuers using the T-REX Ethereum standard.” said Tokeny CEO, Luc Falempin

About Tokeny and InvestorID

Tokeny is a Luxembourg based fintech firm. It is a leading institutional grade, secure end-to-end platform, allowing for the issuance and servicing management of tokenized securities. Tokeny’s investorId helps security token issuers to gather info about which investors are eligible for their offering and will also allow investors to quickly know which investments they can access. Once an investor has created its identity, they will be able to reuse and access multiple tokenized securities with increased ease, speed and cost efficiency. Further, investor has full control of the data and choose what info to share.

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