Issuance, a platform that connects digital securities investors with issuers has recently announced that it has acquired leading FinTech marketing firm CrowdfundX.

CrowdfundX is responsible for marketing industry’s most notable digital securities offerings (DSOs) and Regulation (Reg) A+ IPOs such as tZERO, KODAKone etc. The firm is well known for its top notch direct-to-investor retail marketing using the Reg A+ securities exemption, and notably is the only firm in the U.S. to have successfully marketed a trifecta of historic Reg A+ IPOs to NASDAQ (FAT Brands), NYSE (Myomo) and OTC Markets Group (Elio Motors).

Issuance is aiming to build a modern investment bank while effectively blending digital securities with traditional financial services and solutions. The acquisition of CrowdfundX will expectedly provide the necessary tools and resources in order to execute successful and compliant offerings while reducing the cost and complexity of acquiring both institutional and retail investors.

Darren Marble, CEO of Issuance stated “Our mission at Issuance is to usher a new era of efficient capital raising, one which blends blockchain technology with traditional financial services and solutions. As a leading marketing services company operating in a highly regulated market, CrowdfundX was a natural acquisition for Issuance.”

Issuance is set to inherit CrowdfundX’s revenue streams and clients, including Drake’s Virginia Black Whiskey, which has previously announced its plan to raise capital using Reg A+ . Additionally, Issuance will inherit CrowdfundX’s proprietary audience network of retail investors with exposure to Reg A, Reg D, Reg S, and Reg CF offerings, and relationships with more than 200 digital asset funds.

Issuance is currently raising capital under Rule 506(c) of Reg D. The firm aims to tokenize its capital interests and list the respective digital securities on the OpenFinance Network ATS which is the first live regulated digital securities trading platform in the U.S.

Blockchain has provided us the required technology to create digital securities. This new financial tool is expected to flood the market with cheap capital, leading to an attractive investment environment.This new financial tool of future will shape the world differently with fewer barriers to entry and more global participation

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