Dreamr Inc., a Las Vegas based firm has announced the first-ever Security Token Exchange Offering (STEO) to the general public, which is set to kickstart on October 1st, 2019.

The firm has partnered with leading cryptocurrency trading platform IDCM (ranked top 15 on coinmarketcap). The exchange provides various services such as fiat, securities, cryptocurrency trading, project incubation, alliance exchange partnerships and both STO and IEO fundraising management.

Details of the Offering 

Dreamr, Inc. is offering 7,000,000 DRMR Digital Securities to non-U.S. investors under Regulation S. The firm has created the DRMR Digital Security (DRMR) to reward early Dreamr users with actual ownership in the platform. The dreamr platform has a reputation point system called Giving Dreams Power (GDP), as users earn GDP they will be rewarded with DRMR after reaching certain milestones. Users can earn GDP by helping the network grow and assisting other’s dreams.

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dreamr app

More information: https://dreamr.app/token-sale

Future Plans

The DRMR STEO was first mentioned by CEO Chris Adams during his presentation at the BlockChance Startup Pitch Competition. Notably, Dreamr went on to win the competition and was awarded a €50,000 investment.

The project team has been working on the dreamr platform independently for over 3 years, and the testing has already been performed with 2,400 testers from 23 countries. The related Instagram community has grown to over 13 thousand individuals and preliminary registration of users has already opened. The dreamr platform is set to be launched at the end of this year, the time has finally come for the DRMR Token Offering.

Disclaimer: This news update is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or buy shares or securities in Dreamr, Inc.

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