For the first time in Europe, the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA) has approved the offering prospectus for a tokenized real estate investment product. CROWDLITOKEN AG is a Liechtenstein-based start-up that provides investors with access to European core real estate via blockchain technology.

How it Works

Their token CRT is the very first security token which combines the advantages of direct and indirect investments in real estate by eliminating inefficiencies, excessive costs and lack of transparency. It is a digital representation of a subordinated bond which digitalizes both, the bond and the underlying real estate investments. The concept has the potential to fundamentally revolutionize the world of investment funds.

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The digital bond has a maturity of 25 years, maturity will therefore be reached in 2044. At the end of the maturity, the investor receives his share of the property portfolio value, however in the minimum 70% of the nominal value of his bonds.

crowdlitoken security token offering

CROWDLITOKEN Security Token Offering

CROWDLITOKEN is aiming to raise 100 million tokens through the STO. The security token offering is now running in European countries. The STO is divided into several phases. The private sale for the first 10 million tokens, which is open to all types of investors, is currently underway with a discount of 25% (equivalent to CHF 0.75 per token, 1 CRT = CHF 1.00). This is followed by the pre-public sale (20%) and public sale (10%). The minimum investment in all these phases is 100 CHF each.

Further, token holders can select their properties to invest in which allows them to tailor their own portfolio. They will also benefit from an attractive yield of 5–7 percent p.a.

For more info about CROWDLITOKEN, read the Whitepaper | Prospectus

Key Comment

CEO Domenic Kurt stated “This represents an evolution in the world of financial products. New technologies are enabling us to launch a first-class product that not only offers new investment opportunities, but also remedies inefficiencies, cuts costs and safeguards transparency.”

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