Environmental impact platform Almond has announced that it is working with a new form of digital crowdfunding and will launch an FCA-regulated Security Token Offering (STO). Almond is a free app that rewards its users for buying responsible brands and helps you understand and reduce your carbon emissions.

The firm has developed a fully working platform (prototype app and backend). In April 2019 a performance-focused pilot will include 10 cross-sector brands in the UK. The official launch is planned for September 2019.

About Almond Security Token Offering 

Following a £500,000 seed round in early 2018, Almond Impact Ltd is raising an additional £2,400,000. This will cover the technical roadmap, business development activity and marketing efforts over a 2 year runway. Almond uses an innovative dual token model: ‘Almond Shares’ (ALMA), a security token for raising capital backed by shares in the Limited company and ‘Almond Coins’ (ALMD), a stablecoin with monetary value, used to power the ecosystem and backed by fiat currency. The token holders will get ownership and dividend rights. To know more and invest in the Almond Security Token Offering. Click here 

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In the spirit of equal opportunity, Almond is offering anyone with a bank account the opportunity to acquire shares in Almond Impact Ltd for a minimum placement of £10. Almond Shares can be acquired via an online Security Token Offering (STO) managed by our partner TokenMarket and pre-approved by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (regulatory sandbox – cohort 4).

About Almond App

The Almond platform helps build trust between brands and consumers through product transparency; rewarding consumer loyalty and providing brands with valuable, anonymised ‘point of consumption’ data. The free Almond app is a real-life game designed to ‘educate, activate and reward’ individuals for reducing their negative impact. The platform offers responsible brands that meet it’s environmental and social standards an unprecedented set of tools to increase transparency, build trust with their customers and rapidly grow their business.

Final Comments

Almond CEO, Oliver Bolton, said. “We are excited to build out the Almond platform using the innovative STO vehicle. Almond’s mission is to incentivise consumers to buy sustainable products, help responsible brands grow and ultimately assist in the fight against climate change.”

“We plan to use the funds we raise to build the platform further and enable more brands to come on board. We are proud to pioneer STO investments in the UK and I believe STOs will transform start-up finance in 2019.” added Bolton.

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