Malta Digital Exchange (MDX) which is working towards developing a security token exchange has reached an agreement with Canamex Gold Corp (CSQ) – a firm focused on exploration and purchase of mining properties.

The firm has plans to issue gold and silver backed security tokens to the accredited investors. The Canadian company is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) and is reportedly working on the Burner Gold Development Project in the gold jurisdiction of Nye County, Nevada.

With their recent agreement signed with MDX, the firm is looking forward to list and trade its security tokens – GOLDUSA and SILVERUSA on the MDX security token exchange platform.

Canamex on this Recent Deal 

David Vincent – Canamex CEO commented ““Only a few, with soul in the game, are sufficient to really move the needle. The capital markets do not evolve by consensus, the majority, academic economists, over-regulation, or tea and scones at Harrods. All one needs is asymmetry, such as today’s inefficient and outdated capital markets, and someone with soul in the game, such as MDX and Canamex; then the needle can be moved to bring about the change.”

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Previously, Canamex conducted the security token offering of its two ERC-20 compatible security tokens. The investment phase for accredited investors for investing in GOLDUSA ended on September 28, 2018 and the phase to invest in SILVERUSA ended on October 3, 2018.

Malta Digital Exchange on this Recent Deal 

Rick Klink – MDX’s top executive commented ” “It is a very exciting time in global capital markets with the upcoming licensing of regulated Security Token Exchanges such as MDX. We are very pleased to be partnering with a highly innovative and progressive company such as Canamex in providing a secondary trading marketplace for their security tokens.”

Last week Malta Digital Exchange named the head of tech division of Saxo Bank -Chris Truce as one its leading non-executive directors. MDX is working hard towards the launch of its security token exchange and also appointed Johan Diltz Lemche as its new CEO earlier this month.

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