Mt Pelerin, the Swiss fintech company specialized in blockchain banking and finance, has announced the launch of a one-stop shop service to help startups and businesses raise funds with the help of security tokens.

Mt Pelerin aims to be the bank of the future, one entirely built on chain to simplify and democratize complex financial services with fairness, transparency and service excellence as core values. It wants to provide access to a future-oriented fund-raising tool that will enable the public to participate in the funding of companies directly.

Tried and Tested

This new tool gives companies of any size the possibility to access fund raising methods like IPOs more easily and without significant entry barriers. This facilitated access will soon democratize and boost the liquidity of such investments. The main purpose is to serve startups and SMEs with a comprehensive and professional tokenization technology easily and at a low cost. The platform offers an open-source compliant tokenization framework designed to adapt to constantly evolving laws, as well as multiple jurisdictions.

This game-changing possibility was first used by Mt Pelerin itself when the company created and sold the first tokenized share in October 2018. With its token providing direct ownership of the Mt Pelerin Group SA entity, it sold 5% of its equity without intermediaries to hundreds of investors around the world, while raising $2.15 million in the process.

The goal of this service is to help companies focus on their fund raising and relieve them of all the other tasks for which they don’t have the necessary time or technical capabilities.

For a detailed view of the platform and services offered, visit Website | Whitepaper

Key Comment

Founder and CEO of Mt Pelerin states “Our framework allows for the flexibility and scalability required to provide total compliance for multiple jurisdictions and maintain it over the entire lifetime of a token as laws evolve. In addition to the technical aspects of security tokenization, we are able to conduct KYC/AML on behalf of our clients and offer fiat escrow accounts.”

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