BlaCat, a development platform for blockchain games centered around the NEO blockchain, has announced to raise US$10 million through a Digital Securities Offering.

The offering, will be available to accredited investors in the United States, intended to be a fully compliant with securities regulations. BlaCat equity sale will be a Regulation D and Regulation S offering.

With no special blockchain programming knowledge required, BlaCat offers developers an open-source software development kit based on NEO blockchain technology, provides
speedy payments and gameplay, easy monetization of games and digital assets, crowdfunding opportunities and in-game advertising.

BlaCat – Revolutionizing Gaming

In 2018, the global gaming industry had approximately 2.5 billion gamers, 4.4 million developers and was projected to generated revenues of over US$120 billion.

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FunJumping, Inc. is developing BlaCat, a scalable and comprehensive blockchain video game environment for every style of game. BlaCat eliminates third party publishers, letting developers keep the majority of their profits. The platform gives gamers ownership of their digital assets via a user-friendly wallet, providing for a transparent game economy with a trustworthy peer-to-peer virtual exchange marketplace.

NEO provided FunJumping with US$2M. BlaCat collaborates with NEO to promote the ecological development of blockchain technology establish blockchain game standards where discover potential game developers and games. BlaCat’s growth strategy is focused on rapidly adding developers in each market. The Company estimates developers, on average will generate US$1 million in revenue per year and is looking to add 50 developers per month.

For more information, visit: Whitepaper | Pitch Deck | Two Pager 

About BlaCat Security Token

BCS (BlaCat Share) is the Security Token of BlaCat. The total supply will be 900
million, which represents 40% equity in BlaCat. There will also be quarterly dividends to be
paid in an amount equal to 1% of the Company’s quarterly revenue in year two, one quarter in arrears .

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