Polymath Network, a decentralized platform that makes it easy and efficient to create security tokens has formed a consortium in close collaboration with KABN, an integrated financial service platform offering neo banking type solution.

Aim of the Consortium 

The consortium aims to accelerate the growth, creation, distribution, and management of Digital Securities across multiple jurisdictions and platforms. The partnership visions to create a best practice model for customers who need help with the full lifecycle of an STO (Security Token Offering). With the services offered the issuer would work with an integrated network of providers committed to ensure that offerings are compliant with securities laws, rules, and regulations across multiple jurisdictions around the world and trading platforms, increasing the value proposition by reducing the distance and friction between investors and issuers.

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Kevin North, CEO of Polymath said “To date, the full STO path is not clear for most of our issuers, so we formed this partnership with the intention of making this a less daunting journey.”

Role of KABN

KABN, is an integrated financial service platform and has received approval by Visa to launch its crypto-linked card and banking wallet program. Named the ‘Pegasus Flyte Visa card’, the KABN card program offers an “on/off ramp” conversion process for a number of cryptocurrencies to fiat together with multi-currency fiat transactions.

Notably, KABN is also the first company to tokenize its company assets and create digital securities with this process, proving that the model is a success and paves the way for others to do the same in a manner that meets jurisdictional securities rules and regulations and also supports the value proposition for stakeholders, issuers and investors. More information about the KABN Security Token Offering can be found at their website here.

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