Polymath has joined forces with Taiwan based firm Leadbest  to jointly create a token economy ecosystem in Asia.

Polymath and LeadBest

The new alliance was announced at the ‘Proof-Of-Lead’ Salon. This is an ‘invitation event’ that witness industry leaders to discuss the past, present, and future of blockchain. The new partnership aims to establish global standards on the implementation and utilization of digital securities on a technical level.

Polymath is a leading security token offering platform that enables trillions of dollars of securities to migrate to the blockchain. Heslin Kim, VP of Business Development at Polymath, visited Taiwan for the first time in order to share his opinions with attendees of the event organised by LeadBest and formally announced the firm as an important strategic partner in Asia.

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LeadBest is a Blockchain Asset Management DApp that focuses on the token primary market and solve the needs from pre- to post-investment. The firm aims is to build a cross-border trustless investment network and token investing ecosystem.

Polymath and LeadBest to promote technical and regulatory standards

Heslin Kim, VP of Business Development, Polymath stated “This is a new market for us, so the collaboration with LeadBest can not only help us clarify market trends and policy direction, but also reduce the obstacles to market development.”

Neil Lee, LeadBest co-founder and CEO said “As a market leader, LeadBest hopes to develop a deeper level of cooperation with offering platforms, accounting and law firms, government authorities, exchanges and underwriters to jointly build a sound ecosystem.”

For further plans in 2019, LeadBest aims to provide offering technologies and asset management platforms to assist the Asian real estate private equity fund PSIM in offering its first asset token.

For more information: LeadBest Official Website: https://leadbest.io/
Polymath Official Website: https://polymath.network/

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