Security-token management firm Securitize is teaming up with a Japanese educational advocacy organisation ‘Japan Security Token Association’ (JSTA) to promote the adoption of digital securities in the country.

Securitize’s mission is to be the leading platform for enabling compliant Digital Securities
issuance and liquidity on the blockchain. The firm is designing its smart contract infrastructure by creating a flexible ecosystem that aids the main stakeholders in the Digital Security space: Issuers, Investors and Exchanges

Aim of the Partnership

Securitize and JSTA will work closely with financial institutions and businesses to educate them on the advantages of digital assets. The duo will also work with securities regulators as they advance their vision of digital assets and secondary trading platforms. The potential of this ecosystem and the complexity of the different needs for each stakeholder and category of assets involved require a new architectural model. JSTA’s local knowledge should help in creating “pathways for international and local businesses and investors to transact and trade” in Japan.

At a Glance: Previously to strengthen its presence in the Asian market, Securitize partnered with Elevated Returns to tokenize $1 billion worth of real estate in Thailand.

Key Comment

Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder & CEO of Securitize stated “Our partnership with the Japan Security Token Association illustrates our dedication to the Japanese market and our belief that Japan will continue to be one of the leading traditional financial centers but also in the development and adoption of digital securities as the future of all securities.”

Go Masuda, Co-Chairman of JSTA is of the belief that Japan is standing at the dawn of a new financial era and Securitize is exactly the best partner for JSTA, so as to enlighten the existing financial market and promote practical uses of digital securities, aligned with the coming regulations and legal frameworks.

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