SharesPost, a leading private securities platform, has now become the first marketplace to enable both secondary trading and custody of digital securities.

The SharesPost Alternative Trading System recently facilitated its first ever secondary transaction in the “BCAP” security tokens that are issued by Blockchain Capital, a leading venture capital firm focused exclusively on the blockchain technology sector. This is a major breakthrough for the security tokens industry as accredited investors will now be able to trade digital securities and custody them in online brokerage accounts on the SharesPost Marketplace.

SharesPost is a FINRA registered self-clearing broker-dealer and SEC registered Alternative Trading System (ATS). Currently, SharesPost supports Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading of digital securities, but has also announced its plans to add real time trading via a fully electronic order book in the near future. The BCAP tokens run top of the Ethereum blockchain network and represent the shares of Blockchain Capital III Digital Liquid Venture Fund.

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SharePost founder and CEO Greg Brogger said “This is an important milestone for the digital securities ecosystem. Now companies can efficiently raise capital and provide liquidity globally by leveraging blockchain technology in a way that complies with securities laws.”

Greg further added that he believes over time digital securities will join preferred and common stock as the mainstays of the private capital market.

Blockchain Capital Co-founder and Managing Partner, Bart Stephens said” We are pleased to announce trading of the BCAP token on the SharesPost platform.” ” We’re hopeful that their platform will be a resource to our investors and allow us to deepen our relationship with them over time” added Stephens.

As the security token industry matures and with regulatory bodies stepping into the crypto market, securities are most likely to take the center-stage going ahead. Also read our Marketing Guide to Launch a STO.

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