Smartlands is a leading platform for tokenization of real economy assets by issuing security tokens. The firm is all set to launch their next tokenization project which is going to be a Disruptive Fund that invests in mid-stage technology startups.

The fund plans to acquire minority stakes (up to 20%) in companies that suits the target industries, stage of development and growth potential. With respect to after-IPO average disruptor’s return of 35% (CAGR) or 350% in total over five years, being prudent the fund aims to achieve 25-30% rate of return on the fund level. The public offering of the Disruptive technologies has set a funding target of € 8 million. Smartlands has previously announced its expectations to tokenize $1 billion of assets by 2023.


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Startups Eligible for Investment

The company must be in a stage where it has a commercially viable product and first sales has occurred. The company’s product or service must satisfy a feasible customer need with a unique disruptive technology or innovation. Investment will be made to help the company grow faster or launch their product/service globally. The fund will invest in in fintech, agritech, IoT, robotics, AI and Big Data startups

Expected breakdown of investments by region:

Region Share
US 50%
Asia Pacific 30%
European Union 10%
Other 10%

For more information visit: Disruptive Tech Public Offering

Smartlands stated: “The growth potential for the Disruptive Fund that employs this strategy is tremendous. The industries affected by new and wonderful technologies the Fund targets will provide abundant opportunities for creating new markets or penetrating the existing ones with disruptive innovations, new products, and much-needed services.”

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