Blockport is a hybrid-decentralized exchange with a strong focus on user-friendliness, social trading features and building a knowledge sharing community. The firm is planning to launch a multi-stage security token offering (STO) starting in March 2019.

The company is aiming to raise a minimum of 15 million EUR from the STO to fulfill the company expansion plans. Blockport intends to use the funds raised in the STO for establishing operations in the U.S. and other countries, expanding its social brand in the European retail market and acquiring licensing for fiat-to-crypto banking services following massive user growth in 2018. Investors who participate in the STO are buying Blockport Securities (BPS), which are fully compliant security tokens that are linked to company shares. These Ethereum based ERC tokens give investors economic rights and right to dividends.

The company previously held a successful utility token sale in 2018 to help fund the development for their crypto exchange. The Blockport Token (BPT) powers the platform’s social trading features. The upcoming STO seeks to deliver additional value to investors in the form of an indirect participating interest in Blockport. This will help Blockport pursue its  plans for growth, all while maintaining the company’s values and support for the crypto community.

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Blockport is raising multiple rounds in order to fuel growth in the coming years, and enabling themselves to achieve the mission of becoming the backbone of the global digital economy. In the first round, the firm aims to leverage the ’small offering exemption’ of the European prospectus directive, which allows everyone within the European Economic Area to participate. At the same time, accredited US investors will be able to participate in the STO under Rule 506(c), Regulation D. The objective for this round is to raise EUR 5 Million.  Blockport aims to bring the total amount raised to 15 million EUR by the end of the second round in June. A third round of the STO is planned, but the timing and structure will depend on Blockport’s growth in 2019 and market conditions. In total, with all three rounds combined, the crypto exchange aims to raise 30 million EUR.

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