SPiCE VC is the world’s first fully tokenized venture capital fund. It is backed by the founder of Mozilla and CEO of Brave. The firm recently announced its latest strategic investment while acquiring a stake in Archax, a forthcoming London based institutional digital securities exchange.

Archax, is planning to fully launch during 2019 and is focused on providing a venue for institutions and professional investors to trade in all types of security tokens globally. , Archax offers a credible bridge between the blockchain world and the traditional investment space. The exchange is also planning to launch its own security token offering (STO) later in 2019, where it will tokenize and offer for sale a portion of its own equity.

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Graham Rodford, CEO and co-founder of Archax, said “We see the tokenization of assets as the next significant step in the evolution of the digital asset world and something that could potentially revolutionise traditional financial markets too. SPiCE is exactly that kind of partner. We look forward to working together to build out and evolve the infrastructure and systems that the digital securities ecosystem needs.”

“Spice was the 4th ever security token issued “

Meanwhile, SPiCE is widely regarded as pioneer and leader in the space, and supports the rapid growth of this ecosystem with capital and expertise, focusing on early stage opportunities with great teams who have the vision and ability to change the world with the blockchain.

Ami Ben-David, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at SPiCE VC, stated “When we started SPiCE, security tokens were in their early stages. By tokenizing ourselves and investing in key infrastructure plays in the security token ecosystem, we have become widely regarded as pioneers in the space.

For more information about Archax, Visit: Website | Whitepaper

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