Token Sale: Starts from February 1, 2019

STOBox Platform is a private blockchain ecosystem for issuing, managing and trading of security tokens backed by real assets of issuers. STOBox provides a full range of services in respect of Security Token Offering or Digital Securities Offering delivering complete tokenization services to its business customers. STOBox Platform leverages existing technical framework and blockchain core by Stellarâ„¢ and Distributed Labâ„¢

  • Token Name and Symbol = STBX
  • Asset Class = Stock
  • Country of Issuance = USA
  • Country of Incorporation =USA
  • Issuance Platform = Private blockchain on Stellar
  • Minimum Investment = $10,000

  • Blockchain = Stellar
  • Token Standard = STB20
  • Token Holder Rights = Dividends & Equity Ownership
  • Buying Requirements =KYC, Whitelist, AML, PEP, OFAC
  • Regulations = SEC – [Regulation S & Regulation D (506c)]
  • Buying Restrictions = Restricted for Countries – China, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cuba, Korea, Ethiopia, Guyana, Iraq, Iran, Laos, Ouganda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad

Gene Deyev
Ivan Bolonikhin
Process STOBox