Swarm, a decentralized investment platform has announced the addition of The Art Token (TAT) on its platform. Swarm aims to make high yield alternative investments more accessible to wide range of investors.

The Art Token (TAT)

The Art Token is issued by the Fine Art Invest Group (FAIG). Founded in 1999, FAIG is an European group making progress in convincing the public to view photography as a viable investment vehicle for long term growth.

The Art Token (TAT) tokenizes artwork and allows multiple investors to hold a specific share of value in the object. TAT is a security token, leveraging the securities and transparency that it provides. The art collection is saved on the blockchain, so that every investor knows what is inside the collection at any given moment.

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As art is considered to be one of the most secure stores of wealth. Artworks on TAT platform are to be physically stored in a Swiss bonded warehouse secured by the Swiss government and are 100% insured. TAT wants to provide its investors with a an investment option which gains value over time and is very less affected by fluctuations of crypto market.

Swarm + TAT

The Art token will be launched on Swarm’s security token marketplace. Also, the token will be created using Swarm’s SRC20 protocol. The protocol is Developed specifically for security tokens and tokens generated using it are fully compliant with all applicable regulations governing the issuance and trade of securities.

Every TAT is backed by 100% carefully curated renowned works of art. With its 1-to-1 ratio TAT has no additional or hidden costs/fees, making sure that 100% of the invested capital gets transformed to a tangible asset. By tokenizing on Swarm, FAIG’s Art Token will be tradeable via a growing list of marketplaces including OpenFinance.

Swarm’s Growing Influence in Security Token Industry 

Swarm’s security token marketplace empowers you to invest crypto into real world assets like real estate and equity in private companies. Swarm meanwhile, has added several new security tokens to their platform in 2018. Assets already available include farmlands, startups and foreclosure properties.

Swarm has also reached an agreement with OpenFinance Network to list all SRC20 tokens on its trading platform. Also, they  offered tokenized ownership of exchange platform Robinhood in the form of a Robinhood Equity Token (RHET).

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