SWARM, an infrastructure provider for the issuance and trading of digital assets, has selected award – winning Copper as its preferred digital custodian.

Aim of the Partnership

The integration of Copper’s solution will provide the institutional grade top notch security fundamental to the token issuers on the SWARM platform. With Copper’s multi-signature custody solution, institutions will have complete certainty that their investment capital is not at risk of theft. Copper also ensures the complete security of an offline repository of asset owners’ shared keys during the transaction signing process.

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What Copper Does

Copper already provides custody for multiple crypto funds and investors operating a full range of investment strategies. The company also plans on providing custody for fiat in the future. Copper has recently improved the security protocols of its custodial service further by adding military grade optical air-gapping. This enhancement ensures the complete security of an offline repository of asset owners’ sharded keys during a transaction process.

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Notable Comments

Philipp Pieper, Co-Founder of SWARM said “Philosophically, we have found in Copper a team who are committed to growth of a broad ecosystem for digital securities, who share our innovative spirit and know that we will all get further, faster when we build together.” 

Dmitry Tokarev, CEO and Founder of COPPER, has commented: SWARM is at the forefront of the emerging security token investment industry and we are excited to enable its vision.  The partnership between SWARM and Copper puts us at the forefront of developing the infrastructure for financial services 2.0”

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