Swarm Fund is the blockchain for private equity firm, which provides cost free tokenization of real world assets and make them available as investment opportunities to investors of all types, all over the world.  Swarm creates tools to make it easy to unlock and capture value across a broad array of assets and opportunities.

The firm will now allow asset providers with proper licensing and KYC measures to issue security tokens on the TRON blockchain, the company says. Tokenization on TRON will allow for customers to complete transactions faster, with few fees. Swarm Fund also gives fund managers access to more capital from a new asset class of investors who want access to institutional-type investments, but don’t have the high minimums many institutional funds require.

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Notably, Tether is all set to launch USDT-TRON, a stablecoin based on Tether technology in partnership with Bitfinex. These stablecoins pegged to the U.S. dollar, can be used in smart contracts for security tokens that provide a dividend to the holders of their respective security tokens.

Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent said –

“Swarm is one of the preeminent builders of digital investment infrastructure and its decision to adopt the TRON blockchain will further our push to make decentralized finance the next big thing for the investment community.”

Philipp Pieper, co-founder and CEO of Swarm stated –

“TRON’s dedication to deliver fast, free solutions using decentralized infrastructure make them a natural fit for Swarm’s open tokenization technology. Issuers will be able to offer security tokens on Tron’s blockchain, and will also allow investors to use TRX and USDT-TRON to purchase security tokens.”

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