Swiss startup Smart Valor has recently secured a $3.25 million round of investment which was led by Venture Incubator, alongside Tally Capital and other Asian and U.S. investors. The platform provides exchange and custody for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and security tokens backed by shares in tech companies, real estate, and other alternative investments.

Also the firm has announced the launch of a new exchange operating from both Switzerland and Liechtenstein that will provide custody, trading and brokerage services. In the beginning, the exchange will offer BTC and ETH, each of which can trade against the fiat currencies CHF, EUR, GBP and USD. It has also become the first integrated digital asset exchange to operate from both Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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Smart Valor is one of the largest blockchain fintech companies in the Swiss Crypto Valley. It is just like the European version of Binance with two key differentiation:

  • Sharp focus on security tokens
  • Compliant, legal, trusted – Swiss

samrt valor

Reportedly, new tokens will be added every month. The exchange is now pushing to gain multilateral trading facility (MTF) license which will allow it to list and trade any type of tokenized securities including equity instruments, funds, and derivatives. It visions to to become a leading security token exchange in Europe, and perhaps the world. The startup is specifically looking for digital securities backed by real-world assets.

Key Comment

Olga Feldmeier, CEO Smart Valor notes “Our mission is to build the new financial market infrastructure which will democratize access to wealth and make exclusive investments widely accessible.”

Smart Valor investor David Johnston stated “While hundreds of exchanges were created during the last several years, today there are just about a dozen which are legal, compliant, licensed and safe. Switzerland, being at the top of the hierarchy of financially savvy but crypto-friendly jurisdictions, needs its own Coinbase.”

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