A new STO by Ambisafe will allow users to buy and hold SpaceX stocks as tokens. 10 UPSX security tokens will represent one entire share of SpaceX.

How will Ambisafe tokenize SpaceX

Ambisafe is one of the most secure tokenization infrastructure provider. It has previously launched 30 token sales, with 250,000 contributors and $300M raised in total. It is to be noted that Ambisafe has no direct relationship with SpaceX but in order to give investors a chance to own a piece of SpaceX, the company’s fund will be purchasing the shares in advance and then further tokenizing them. 10 USPX tokens are set to be equal to 1 SpaceX share. When SpaceX goes public, the entire equity fund which has previously purchased the SpaceX stocks will then be sold. Every USPSX token holder will receive the payment for their tokens at this time.

How it works
How it works

The price of USPX Security tokens is not based on supply and demand. The price is set by Unicorn Equities LP based on the valuation of SpaceX. When SpaceX goes public, token holders will have a cash-out event; receiving a payment equal to the number of tokens they hold multiplied by the new token price. During the cash-out event, the token price will be determined by the price of a public share of SpaceX.

Who Can Buy the Token

Investors globally, based on applicable securities law in each jurisdiction. Currently citizens of the following countries are not allowed to participate: United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, EU and UK, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland. If you are a citizen/resident of another country, you need to pass KYC and AML check.

Token Sale Details

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