TokenOro is set to bring first of its kind security token into the market via WORBLI. The tokens will be backed by ownership of gold, and from future gold production.

WORBLI is in the process of creating new technology that enables the financial services and technology sectors to benefit from offering their customers instant transactions.

About the Security Token

When an investor purchase a TokenOro token, 50% will go to purchase, gold bullion, gold bullion certificates and/or cash that will be placed in a secure, insured gold vault and 50% will go into mining production and company operations. The firm has multiple mining projects located in North America in Montana and Nevada, and also in Africa, in the country of Guinea. Each mine went through extensive geological surveys, costing millions of dollars.

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The offer and sale of security tokens are subject to federal and state securities law rules and regulations. TokenOro is tokenizing its Series A Preferred share securities, not assets. The equity interest in the TokenOro Series A preferred shares will be reflected in the total of its book value which we believe will be comprised of its gold streaming and its gold vault value. This is designed to be represented and valued as a digital token

Features of TokenOro

  1. Each token is a perpetual future call on gold delivery that will never expire or be cancelled, except after delivery of physical gold against the token.
  2. Once trading, clients may purchase and sell fractions of a token, but no less than 1/10th of a token may be bought and sold. Those transactions will finally be governed by the future exchanges trading the tokens.
  3. TokenOro token is being designed to be interoperable with major security token
    exchanges, offering secondary market for security tokens with varying levels of liquidity.

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Key Comment

Domenic Thomas, CEO of WORBLI noted: “We are dedicated to empowering businesses like TokenOro, one of many innovative blockchain projects that WORBLI is working with to bring new opportunities to the public. Individuals are traditionally limited to products like exchange based stock trading, mutual funds etc. WORBLI is engaging businesses like TokenOro to bring a wider range of financial opportunities to users.”

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