Dinosaur a New York-based institutional brokerage firm has announced its partnership with tZERO Group, Inc., a global leader in blockchain innovations for the capital markets. The firm has an extensive experience in capital markets and provides clients with a comprehensive investment service and is now making its services available for tZERO’s security tokens.

Dinosaur is the broker-dealer to provide brokerage accounts for investors seeking to trade tZERO’s digital security tokens, which is one of the first offerings on a decentralized network intending to be fully-compliant with the U.S. securities laws. tZERO aims to be one of the first fully-compliant Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs) to integrate financial securities with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in the United States.

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Dinosaur Managing Director of Equity Trading Elliot Grossman commented: “Becoming the provider of brokerage accounts for tZERO security token holders is a significant milestone for Dinosaur. Blockchain is changing how securities are traded and settled, and I am particularly proud that Dinosaur has joined with tZERO, tZERO’s broker-dealer subsidiary, PRO Securities (and the PRO ATS), PRO’s other partners  and Electronic Transaction Clearing to pioneer disruptive changes for issuance, trading, and settlement in the capital markets.”

tZERO’s proprietary technology, network of strategic partners, and affiliates seek to provide issuers with a new solution for accessing capital and enabling secondary liquidity for traditionally illiquid investments.

tZERO CEO Saum Noursalehi noted: “We’re very excited to be joining forces with Dinosaur as the broker-dealer for our new security token platform. With Dinosaur, we have found a firm that understands our vision to bring transparency and efficiency to global markets and accelerate the adoption of security tokens.”

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