Leading security token trading platform tZERO, has recently won the patent that outlines how it may merge cryptocurrencies and digital asset tech with cryptocurrencies and digital asset tech.

tZERO is a global leader in blockchain innovation for capital markets. The firm aims to revolutionize the market and fix the inherent inefficiencies of Wall Street so that financial processes are less beholden to traditional, institutional market structures.

The patent published by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office describes a platform for ‘Crypto Integration’ that has the ability to combine market information accumulated from a variety of sources to determine best prices. The system would “secure both the digital transactional items (i.e., the funds for buy order and the digital assets for a sell order)” before conducting the transaction. The patent further states that the system will also sign the transactional items cryptographically prior to matching the orders.

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The platform can be used to conduct initial public offerings (IPOs) or other public securities offerings, in addition to secondary market securities transactions (these offerings would be registered through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

“The Crypto Integration Platform provides, among other things, an interface between legacy trading systems and crypto exchanges that trade digital transactional items. In doing so, the Crypto Integration Platform takes a protocol for trading and communication between broker-dealers, Alternative Trading Systems (“ATS”), and exchanges, and transforms the message so that the trade can be consummated using cryptographic techniques.”

For smooth flow of plans to  introduce these processes, tZERO might develop “special-purpose hardware,” the document explains.

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