Veritoken is a company focused on returning power to the individual when it comes to control of their personal data. An intrinsically GDPR-compliant solution, Veritoken enables users to retain control and ownership of their data. The firm’s  CEO Anne Ahola Ward has now become the first woman to launch a security token offering (STO) under the ERC884 standard.

Veritoken STO Details

The Veritoken STO is now active and will continue from April 3rd through July 3rd, 2019. Notably, open to U.S.-based accredited investors. The token price is fixed at $0.12 and the firm aims to raise $14,400,000 with minimum investment of $ 250,000.

Veritoken STO

The Veritoken Platform

Veritoken is building a platform that creates a much-needed layer of trust and transparency in the job market as well as industries where the verification of personal information and provenance is critical. It’s a blockchain protocol enabling verified user-owned data where data brokers can pay individuals for their contact information and time. The tokens allow for privacy and control for individuals engaged on platforms that utilize Veritoken for their social graph backplane. Individuals can choose when their information is in the public domain and when it is hidden.

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Every major data breach, in and out of blockchain, can be directly attributed to the centralization of data. The only security measure that hasn’t been tried in response has been to holistically decentralize personal data. Veritoken’s mission is to bring order to this disapora and help hand power over one’s data back to the individual. Once given the tools to manage and license their own datastores via blockchain, a user will reap the benefits, and as a result, so will the society at large.

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